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Safety, Health and Environmental

The factor of safety, health, and environmental (‘SHE’) is one of the factors that became operational excellence of an oil and gas company. Therefore, to maintain and improve the quality of SHE every year is to be a priority and an important measure in evaluating the operating performance of the Company.

In this regard, the Company remains committed to placing the protection of workers, the public, and the environment as important as operations, production, and exploration. The decline in oil has yet to experience improvement in 2016. In fact, it tended to deteriorate along with the continuing decline in world oil prices and the failure to reach a new balance in the market. In line with the decline oil prices, the company is aware of the challenge to maintain or even improving the SHE performance is not as easy as imagined. However, with its SHE management system, EMP believes can minimize the potential losses that could result from an accident that can befall workers, the environment around the area of operations, the company’s assets and even the company’s reputation.

Focus of HSE

In 2016, the focus of the work program is to improve the risk management. Some of the work program that supporting this purpose such as increasing the number of reporting and follow-up action of SHE observations through a digital-based system that is named as SIAP (SHE Information and Awareness Program). With the increasing number of SHE Observation reports, worker’s awareness of potential hazard and risk at operations area also expected could be increasing.Related with environmental protection, company is committed to implement SHE programs that aimed to achieve environmental sustainability around its operations area such as improving the management of emissions, waste water management and also hazardous waste management according to the applicable regulations.

In managing the environment, the company retains the IFC Performance Standards On Environment & Social Sustainability and/or The Equator Principles as the guidelines for the management of the environment and social impact that may arise from the activities of a business entity. Among some of the requirements contained in those standards are the Environmental and Social Assessment, Environmental and Social Management System, Labor and Working Conditions, Pollution Prevention and Abatement, Community Health, Safety and Security, Land Acquisition and Involuntary Resettlement, and the Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Natural Resource Management.The Company also remains committed to achieve continuous improvement on SHE performance while trying to maintain certification of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 from an independent certified party along with the certification of SMK3 from the Government of Republic of Indonesia which becomes mandatory in accordance with prevailing regulations.


In 2016, the company conducted a Behavior Based Safety survey which aimed to know the SHE Climate level in the company, determine the maturity level of SHE culture, obtain an overview of SHE workers behavior, and provide recommendations for improving the SHE behavior and culture in the company. Behavior Based Safety which was held on January 29th to February 5th, 2016 by the Center for Studies and Applied Sciences of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) School of Public Health, University of Indonesia was a continuation of a similar program that has been implemented in the previous year. The survey had become one of Company’s programs that were believed could improve the culture of employees in conducting SHE observations in order to achieve better risk management implementation. The Company is also actively disseminate SHE aspects to employees and the communities surrounding the company’s operations area aimed to improve the understanding and employee’s ability in creating safe operating area so that the company can avoid the losses that are not desirable especially losses resulting from the occurrence of the incident at the workplace.

Activities undertaken by the company, among others; SHE trainings conducted by internal and external facilitators, SHE coaching clinic, campaign of national SHE Month 2016 and environment day 2016, routine SHE meetingsattended by employees and management both in office and operations area, giving routine SHE Induction to new hire employee or even visitor SHE socialization that conducted through posters, banners, and delivery through other media available at the Company. Meanwhile, SHE trainings that have been implemented as mentioned on above include: ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SMK3 awareness, reporting of unsafe act and unsafe condition, job safety Analysis, permit to work system and etc.

In addition to the employees and the communities around the company’s operations, the company also actively contribute as a speaker or presenter in international forums. In May 2016, representatives of the company through the SHE Department present as a speaker in the IPA Convention & Exhibition 2016 in Jakarta Convention Center where in these forum company described the process and the successfull development of An in-house computer-based application for SHE observation named SIAP (SHE Information and Awareness Program). On the
occasion, the forum participants highly appreciated the breakthrough made by the company especially this digital based system was developed using internal human resources in the company. On another occasion, the company also participated as a speaker in the forum of collaboration between AKAMIGAS Balongan with Okayama University of Japan. During the forum, representatives of the company spoke about the importance of SHE management system in company to survive in current world oil prices.

In terms of environmental management, The Company also continued to run the program as a continuation of mangrove conservation programs. Since 1990, the business unit EMP Malacca Strait S.A have engaged in activities to conserve mangroves in the coastal areas of Riau through mangrove planting regularly in the village Mengkapan, Siak District, Riau. In addition, the company remains committed with the communities around the company’s operations by actively and consistently involve in the development of Mangrove Ecotourism program in Mengkapan village which has been initiated since 2015 together with the surrounding community. In addition,the company is also actively giving SHE socialization to schools around the operations area, including direct assistance to one of the schools in Sei Apit to be a school which has an environmental concept. Compliance with various government regulations that related to SHE is the priority of the Company that must be implemented, including the wastewater management regulations, the management of air emissions, B3 waste management, the implementation of all the provisions in the environmental permits such as EIA and UKL-UPL, as well as the management of hygiene and sanitary work environment. Therefore, the Company ensures that environmental management conducted is carried out in accordance with the applicable provisions


In 2016, the company recorded various successes of the work programs that have been planned at the beginning of the year Related with employee protection, throughout the year 2016, did not happen any accidents that may cause the loss of working days. This indicates the success of accident prevention program throughout the company’s operating area.

The excellence of accident prevention program could not be separated from the role of all employees. The increasing awareness of the importance to maintain safe working environment described by the good level of employee participation in reporting and following up on SHE observations K3LL such as unsafe conditions and unsafe behavior that occurs in the workplace.In terms of environmental management, the company’s entire business unit received BLUE rating on PROPER evaluation in 2015-2016 by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia.

This indicates that the entire operation of the company has been adhering to the current applicable environmental laws and regulations. A total of two (2) of the company’s business units had nominated to green rating which means conducting environmental management on beyond compliance.

Other company’s achievement was one of the schools around the Company’s operation that get direct and consistent guidance from company have gained Adiwiyata Award from the Governor of Riau as a school with environmental concept. In terms of biodiversity conservation, the company
has planted about 883.909 mangrove seedlings. The number described the company’s commitment in creating sustainability environment around the company’s operations area and brings the company closer to the target of planting 1 million Mangroves.


In 2016, the company recorded some glorious achievement in SHE aspects due to work program which has been running well throughout the company’s operating area. A total of four (4) Business Unit of the company awarded Zero Accident Award 2016 from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Indonesia known as Patra Nirbhaya Award, among others; Patra Nirbhaya Karya Madya for EMP Malacca StraitS . A ,PT EMP Gelam and EMP Bentu Limited. and also Patra Nirbhaya Karya Pratama for PT Visi Multi Artha. This achievement made the company became the most awarded national private oil and gas companies. In addition, the Company also received Zero Accidents Award 2016 (Zero Accident Award) from the ministry of labor of the Republic of Indonesia which was given to EMP Korinci Baru Limited and PT EMP Gelam.

The company has also managed to maintain certification of ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification by independent certification bodies through two (2) business unit; EMP Malacca Strait S.A and EMP Bentu Limited. In addition, the EMP Bentu Limited. also has earned SMK3 certification from the ministry of labor of Republic of Indonesia as required in the Government Regulation on safety management systems and occupational health management system.

And finally, In terms of other environmental award, through the PT EMP Gelam company has also received the Kalpataru Award from the Governor of Jambi Province.


Accomplishments in 2016 did not make the Company stop improving SHE quality. Therefore, the Company has planned several targets in the future, among others:

  • Maintain the achievements of Zero Accident Award and Patra Nirbhaya Award through improving the implementation of the follow-up to the report on the condition/unsafe behavior, various SHE training in accordance with the risks of the job, and actively engaged in SHE theme campaign
  • Maintaining certification ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and certification SMK3
  • Improving the implementation of the work permit system in the company as an effort to prevent incidents in the Company’s premises