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(Working Interest 60.49%)
Operator : EMP Malacca Strait S.A
Partner : OOGC Malacca Ltd. (32.58%)
Malacca Petroleum Ltd. (6.93%)

EMP has operated the Malacca Strait PSC since 1996, with a 60.49 per cent participating interest. The PSC contains generally mature, but productive high watercut wells with the main producing fields being Melibur and Kurau.

The historical downtrend in production since 1995 was reversed in 2007, and in recent years EMP has added reserves at a rate in excess of production, such that 2P recoverable reserves at the end of 2009 were higher than reported by the company in 2004 despite a strong production performance. Further value creation opportunities lie in well workover and production enhancement activities and in development drilling.