Environment Management System
ISO 14001:2004
Work Safety Management System
OHSAS 18001:2007
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Health and Safety

We believe in the benefit of energy towards human and how It could help empower them to progress better in life

The protection of our employees, operations, environment and neighbours is a core to our sustainable business strategy. Commitment to implement this value is stated in the company SH E Policy, in achieving and maintaining safety, health and environment excellence in all area of the company activities. Leadership and Commitment are the most important factors in displaying and achieving the “value”. Everybody working for EMP including all leadership team is not only responsible in achieving the goals but also to ensure that the goals are achieved in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Hence the Company business plan includes measurable SH E targets and we are all committed to achieve them.

To realize those commitment top leader of the Company establish a guidance which contained 12 expectations in how to implement the SH E right and integrated into SH E Management System framework, consists of leadership and commitment, Risk Management, people training and behavior, contractor management, facilities design and
construction, operations and maintenance, management of change, information and documentation, communication, community and stakeholder awareness, emergency and crisis management, incidents reporting and investigation.

Company business which sets out the corporate value will effectively run, if the leadership team along with all employees to develop a mature culture responsibility in satisfying the corporate guidance with respectful relations towards developing and implementing sustainable business, complying with applicable laws, reducing emissions and waste, and using energy and natural resources efficiently.